Sunday, December 10, 2006

I can analyze media content!!!!!

My new role as a media consumer:

During this class I have begun my journey to become a critical mass media consumer. The best part working. I feel that I can now look at media in a different sense than just entertainment. I enjoy looking at ads, commericals, magazines, newspapers to see the underlying meaning of the print, pictures and phrases.

I have found myself to change interest in the media forms I used to indulge in. I used to watch a lot of reality trash...well I still watch some, however I find myself flipping through channels stopping to watch commericals. I read the newspaper headlines and articles to see what is happening else where in the world, which was rarely done before. I watch them to see the forms of advertisements used on television and in magazines, to see how the products are glorified. I used watch tv, or look at magazine articels to find things to think about for my blogs, now I watch and read it more to see the differences between commericals, between the full page ads in the newspapers and magazines. However I mostly found myself actively searching the internet, and not for celebrity gossip, but for other peoples blogs and for media related articels on the web.

I look back at my first day in our class and compared myself to today, I realized that this class really has helped my confront my fear of reading newspapers and analyzing the content for fearing of misunderstanding. Now I have the ability to read articles and analyze advertisements in a critical manner. I now look for the underlying meaning for media. I also realized how I took media for granted. I never used to sit and think how everything was put together. I never thought how hard it must truly be to create a radio program or to put out a news release or to publish a newspaper daily. This is something that this class made me open my eyes to. That not all aspects of media is entertaining.

I really enjoyed being challenged in the sense of analyzing all forms of media. I have enjoyed what was taught in class as well as learning how to blog and maintain my blog, and find things of importance to write about. I loved working with my group to explore Rolling Stone Magazine. I would have never really thought of why certain ads are placed in the magazine as well as the format, its importance in the huge evolution of music. Before this class I would have looked at the pictures and interviews. Now I look for the writers, how well an article is written, its relevance to todays topics, how it might impact society, and why it is important enough to be put in that issue.

This class has propelled me into a world of media in which I can now understand. I am grateful for the opportunity to advance my skills in analyzing media content, as well as relating meida importance to our culture and society.

I feel like a new mass media consumer. New in the essense; that I can relate to the forms of media and my surrounding society with understanding.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What has TV come to?

A new reality show is created. Celebrities are now given guns and videotaped, how special.
Celebs like Eric Estrada (known from CHIPS), Jack Osborne, La Toya Jackson, Wee Man and Trish Stratus are partaking in the show.

The show "Armed and Famous" is being produced in a small Indiana town with the populace of only 66,000.
The celebs had a ceremony to become sworn in. They have been sworn in as reserve officers of the city police daparment, which will allow them to carry gunsa and badges as part of the series.

The former CHIPS star (Estrada), the son of Ozzy Osborne (Jack), the sister of Michael and Janet Jackson (La Toya), a skateboarding midget who reached fame from the movie Jackass (Wee Man) and a former WWE wrestler will all now be active reserve officers for Munice police department. The show will continued to be filmed through January and has not yet been determined when it will air to the public. Sgt. Jason Webber, president of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 78, said the union is "cautiously optimistic" about the show.

Why has television become reliant on the appeal of reality television? And why has it come so far from shows like Paradise Island, where people are tempted to cheat on their mates with beautiful and sexy decoys to celebrities are now allowed to carry guns for entertainment? Who would think this special plot up? And how are they letting this truly be aired? What has our society come to that we are in need to watch C-list celebs carry guns around? And lastly, who is going to watch this? Maybe I will, and write about what I see. Because who knows maybe Eric Estrada has a new toupee and looking good like his days back in the 70's.......

Monday, December 04, 2006

One blog....about One song.....

I was sent to as per recommendation on our MCOM 72 website to watch the Bank of America guy sing. Well I will be honest, I had never been there before.

As I watched this guy sing, actually fairly well, a remake of the U2's song "ONE," I wondered how did they come up with this genius act, and why were they posting it on

So, I pondered. First of all, I thought this remake of the favorable song was great. It was possibly a clever marketing tool that catches people attentions and gave a few chuckles. Is this copyright infringement though I wondered. Is it poor marketing for not being able to utilize a new and creative idea for Bank of America, or pure genius for captivating their audience by doing something quite unusual for a bank? And why such harsh reviews?

Well, like many advertisement creative juices sometimes runs high...or run out. Some commericals are highly entertainable, like most beer commercials. On the other hand, like fellow student Jessica Loebig mentions, that damn Geicko Lizzard is annoying as heck. Well, most bank commericals are well.....on the boring side.

Now as I see it, the Bank of America may have copied the tune, the lyric settings, even the half the words, but created an appealing message that was clearly about the bank itself and not the band. While some may be highly offened, I thought it was a unique way for the Bank of America to get its message across to its public or audience. As many of you may have seen, the audience in the video loved the song giving him a standing ovation. If this was SO embarassing, then why the ovation? Well, it may be his large sex appeal that got the audience standing....but I think it was his message as well as his large amount of guts for getting up in front of a live audience and try to sing anything like our beloved Bono . I may not have Bank of America, and this song may not make me inclined to go sign up anytime soon, I enjoyed it on a recreational level. Now I can understand the overpicky opinions of writers, and I do appreciate their views even when I do not agree, like in this case. I still have to wonder what did I learn from reading their post??

As I see it. It obviously this song did its job if its getting this type of coverage. Rock on guy in the yellow tie.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The RED Campaign

Jennifer Garner, Apollo Ono, Penelope Cruz all posed for the new Gap (RED) advertisements. Bobby Shriver and Bono teamed up to raise awareness and money for the global funds to fight the war against AIDS in Africa.

Bono and Shrivers mission; to use GAP, Armani Exchange, Apple, Motorola, American Express and Converse all joined together to sell products that dedicate a certain amount of proced to the (RED) Campaign Global Fund.

Bono's RED initiative is aiming to pour money into Africa and support those suffering from AIDS. A group of Gap executives, Bono, and camera crews fly to Africa to witness the seriousness of the issue. Bono traveled to Lesotho and Rwanda to experience first hand how his idea could impact the coutnry. Bono visited Gap workshops where most of the their clothes are made, to find that one in three workers inside was infected with AIDS. Bono stayed at the workshop for hours to stay with the workers. It was this trip that truely set of the entire sweep of the RED campaign. Bono realized that if these workers made RED clothing for GAP, that they themselves would be investing in their future, their health, the life.

GAP has thrusted itself into this project, dontating half the cost of every RED clothing bought in the next five years to the Global Fund to fight for the AIDS cause.

This campaign is a short term way of dealing with the AIDS emergency. But it is a way to provide the ART drug (anti-retroviral treatment) to millions of people dying slowly of AIDS in Africa.

Bono and Shriver has created a way for these businesses to step outside their boundaries and give some of their earnings to a better cause then their own pockets. Some think this is a sceme to promote brands like Converse and bring the slowly slipping GAP back into the spotlight and heart of all again. But the fact is that Bono singled GAP out to help flourish his and Shrivers idea.

The RED Campaign is something that will help stop over 5,500 people from dying every day. Oprah herself did a show about the RED Campaign with Bono as the guest. They left the studio and visited every company that offers RED products and shopped. Oprah bought every guest in her audience RED t-shirts from the Gap. Oprah also continued her show buy saying "buy RED for Christmas." Ever since "O" said this, RED shirts and other products have been flying off the shelves leaving the GAP rushing in orders to prepare for the holiday shopping craze.

This is obviously a wonderful example of how Bono is using media to influence and better our society and the worlds population.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The AMA's (history, how, and results)

The American Music Awards, one of the four major annual American Music awards shows. The other being The Billboard Awards, the Grammy Awards, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. The AMA's were first created in 1973 by infamous Dick Clark to compete with the Grammys.

Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond were honored to co-host the first AMA's. The AMA winners are determined by a poll of music buyers. The shows all compete for prestige and popularity. Wining a category in the AMA's, the Billboards, and the Grammys is like a triple crown winner in horse racing.

This years awards went as followed.
Favorite Soul/RB artist: Jaimee Fox (Thought he was an actor )
Favorite RB Female Artist: Mary J. Blige (Did not know she still put out albums)
Favorite RB Band/Group: Black Eyed Peas (Of course....More Fergie-lets hope she doesnt pee her pants AGAIN)
Favorite RB Album:The Breakthrough by Mary J. Blige

Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Artist: Eminen beat out Kanye West
Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Group: Black Eyed Peas
Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Album: Monkey Business by the Black Eyed Peas

Favorite Pop/ Rock Male Artist: Julian beat out Nick Lachey and Sean Paul
Favorite Pop/Rock Group: The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Favorite Pop/Rock Album: All The Right Reasons; Nickelback

Favorite Alternative artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Favorite New Breakthrough Artist: Carrie Underwood (Wow)

Now what is it about these awards that lures people to watch? Or do people even watch? Why do we allow other "important" people in the music industry to choose the winners for us? Why are we more obsessed about what people wear to these award shows than we are that other people are choosing who "we...the people" think should win. I feel that it is unfair that the shows are put on under false pretense with what we want to see, rather than what is real. Sadly, these awards shows are for the celebs themselves to gain yet another object for them to worship and lose more modesty over. However, we watch the shows, even if only to see what they show up in, every year. Antisipation for disappointment year after year.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Blood Diamond

The movie Blood Diamond (which comes out Dec. 8th) sheds light to African war many know little about.
TheWarner Bros. movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio is set against in the civil war and horror during the 1990's in Sierre Leone. The movie based on a ex-mercenary and a fisherman who are both African, but have opposite lives. Then of course, their lives come together to join in the quest in finding a rare pink diamond. This diamond can change or even end their lives.

The fisherman is forced to work in the diamond fields, and find the rare diamond and hides it even though at great risk. When word gets out people go hunting for the diamond and the fisherman life. Now I wont spoil anymore. However the war about diamonds sadly continues. Diamonds have funded devistating wars in South Africa killing millions.

Diamonds were sold in order to fund armed battle. Sadly the profits from the diamond trade is in the billions, thought the country so poor, were used by warlords and rebels to buy guns and arms during the wars. The war in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone, have costed an estimated 3.7 million lives.

The physical war is over, though the lives are still lost. The issue with Diamonds in South Africa is still at large. There are still diamond mines controlled by rebels. Other issue continue with the smuggling of diamonds into surrounding countries as exports of the legitimate diamond trade.

Finally, a governement program called the Kimberly Process was put into place to help control and stem the flow of diamonds. The proces is trying to create sales that do not allow conflict or blood diamonds to be sold.

So when Christmas comes around, or Valentines Day, an engagement and a girl recieves a diamond. Who really knows whether someone died for it? There are ways to help our culture and the society of South Africa by being cautious of how or where you buy the sparkling jewelry. Asking questions is a start.

We all remember Kanye West's song "Diamonds are Forever" which features a replica of a diamond mine in his video. He is resonding to the horrible history of diamonds from Africa. Another artist Ziggy Marley has created the song "Still the Storms Come" which refers to the continuance of deaths and aftermath of the wars. He sings that Africa was effected in ways no one really knows both from Slavery and the Diamond war.

Well, the war has ended and precautions have been put into place, but are people even aware that millions of people died for a simple peice of jewelry? The lives that were lost do not cost one carat. I feel horrible that our country glorifies the size of a womans ring, or wishes for a diamond necklace for an gift without realizing what it took to get that diamond onto your hand or neck.

I hope this movie opens peoples eyes to the situations across the world. And I hope that maybe people will be ever so less materialistic after seeing what happened to so many lives.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Divorce in Hollywood

Hollywoods couples are falling apart left and right. Handling a public divorce is never easy, but life is getting far more disastrious for couple Reese and Ryan. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe that is. The celeb couple who have been married for 7 years and bearing two children Ava (7) and Deacon (3).

This couple was once the epitmy of celebrity marriage. Now, due to Ryans alleged affairs with Abbie Cornish, a co-star on his new movie Stop Loss. Poor Reese, the devoted wife who makes a reported $29 million dollars per movie is now husbandless. The couple announced their split in Oct. 30th.

Ryan, the potential cheater, is now saying he is happier than before now having some freedom in his life again. Well still have kids. Reese, known for her roles in Cruel Intentions and Legally Blond, has suspected that Ryan has been less than faithful for some time, yet put on a brave face to hold the family together. Reese still cares for the father of her two children, but is learning to let go of a failed marriage.

The couple who has put serious effort into their marriage awhile back, publically amitting attending couples counseling, has shock America with the split. Not to say it doesnt happen quite often in "Hollywood," but Reese and Ryan were the one sure-thang couple that stood the hands of time...I guess til now right.

Well Reese is not the only star that has been betrayed. Other cheating couples include the infamous scandel between Jude Law and Sienna Miller (the babysitter love fest), as well as the infedelity of Eric Benet to beautiful Halle Berry. Not to mention Hugh Grants preference for prostitutes over Elizabeth Hurley (what was he thinking right?) and cheating Ethan Hawk losing Uma Thurman over some lousy model while Ethan was on vacation.

Well, not to make a point but it seems to me, that men have a hard time remaining faithful to their more successful girlfriends or wives in the celeb world. Maye its because the guy feels threatened if the woman is more successful than he, maybe its a way for them to even the score...either way it seems that they lose the game anyway.

Well, poor Ryan Phillipe, and poor Reese Witherspoon who will retain most of the couples assets will share custody of the children. How will Hollywood ever survive without them and their "stong and secure marriage" ? I guess we will have to see.

I dont want to blame the guys for their huge mistakes, but honestly what are they thinking. Why cheat on a successful and amazingly gorgeous girlfriend/wife for what, for the thrill? Or for the insanity that people fall in lust while shooting a movie. It happens everytime. Look at Angelina and Brad....together after filming the sexy movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, same thing for Jennifer Aniston and Vince....together after shooting The Break Up, Vanessa Minillo and Nick Lachey after shooting Nicks "whats left of me" music video. Whats next for Hollywood? We all know that Britney and Kevin are divorcing or at least will go through a lot more public fighting......but who didnt know really? But honestly, which couple is next? If there is one.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Borat--my least favorite movie of the year

This movie attempting to disgrace Kazakhstan and cause friction with its racist remarks really does the job.
The movie shows horrific conditions of Borats' country, then brings him to America where he is trying to learn lessons to help his own country. Well, the only lesson this movie shows is that driving across the country in a empty ice cream truck trying to find Pamela Anderson is not worth the trip.

The movie has a large amount of racists and offensive remarks, especially towards jewish people. The movie shows Kazakhstan having a "running with the Jew", similar to running with the bulls in Italy. Men from Kazakstan run away from large green heads portraying a jewish person. Borat also uses discriminating language throughout the entire movie.

His next inappropriate comment came not in what he said, but what he encouraged other to say. People from Texas were caught on camera saying things that could potentially be seen as slander towards those who are homosexual. You could feel the awkwardness in the theatres seats. Some say it is the "funniest movie of the year," well I thought it was "The most rude movie of the year."

The nakedness in the movie was funny, however, the comments made by Borat in the movie made it hardly worth the $7.00. Negative four stars from me.

Messin with Sasquatch

Jack Link's Beef Jerky has won the adversitement all time funniest me. If you have never seen these commericals please watch them, it is marketing commedy at its best.

Jacks Links Beef Jerky has a series of commericals that involve practical jokes. The jokes are funny, but the best part is that they are all done to a sasquatch, thats right a yeti. One of the best Jacks Link's best is (hot water) a group of three guys come upon a sleeping sasquatch. The guys heat up water and quietly place the sasquatches hand in the hot water......and he urinates all over himself. The guys run and laugh behind a tree, which they are carrying a bag of jerky. Almost every commercial ends with the sasquatch throwing something at the jokesters and knocking one of them down or closelining them across the forest.

This clever commercial has grabbed the attention of many, and has been a discussion at my work place. Many people agree that the creative team behind these series of commercials is seriously genius.

The commercials are purely unrealistic and that alone makes them even more funny. Another catchy commercial involving sasquatch involves that good ole' loose salt cap. You see a two guys watching the sasquatch from behind a log, to see he is roasting a rabbit on a spit atop of a blazing fire, the guys give hand signals and one sneaks up behind sasquatch to unscrew the salt shaker cap. The sasquatch reaches for the shaker and pours it on the food to get the entire shaker full spilling out. He gets angry, and you see the guys laughing and Sasquatch comes up from behind and then it shows the Jack Links logo.

Not many commercials can pull a laugh out of me, so I consider myself a critical commercial watcher. I rarely find even superbowl commercials quite funny. However these Jack Links commerical had me laughing at every one. My personal favorite was the shaving cream one. Its a must see. The advertisements are shoving their product in our face, they are providing you with incredible humor. When a commercial is this great you share it with your friends. These commercials are not to be forgotten.

The commericals itself are not your typical commercial. I encourage all of you who have nto yet seen them to visit Messin With Sasquatch

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Britney's Baby Media Mix up

Recently we all have heard that Mrs. Federline herself has had another child. While her first pregnancy drew more attention than the recent one, there might be a media mix up on our hands.

As many know Britney Spears had her first child over a year ago, which she named Sean Preston. Now there is speculation that Britney has had a girl the second time, facing controversy against multiple magazines that she has had another boy named Sutton.

The E online Web site put up a article claiming that Britney's "rap star" husband Kevin has created a stir on a Seattle radio show interview when he says its crazy when the media are telling him his childs name.

It just may seem to be that former queen of pop has had her second child and named it Jayden James Federline.
The Web site was unclear whether "Jayden" is a specifically a boy or girls name, thought there are hints that it may be a girl. The funny fact is, apparently the many magazines who told the world about "Sutton" did not even confirm the name or sex of the baby with the familys publicist. Something seems strange to me, anyone else?

Now if this is true, than amazingly multiple magazines have created a frenzy that is deemingly false. This potentially may be damaging to InTouch, Us Weekly, OK magazine reputations. While on the other hand, it may seem that the Seattle radio show is relaying false information to its public. Now who is right? Britney was seen buying pink baby outfits, and the child's photo has not been released yet. Is there a suprise on the way for America? Is someone telling falsehoods? What and where is this new "something--something" Federline?
It may not be headline news, but I am wondering who will be caught in the scandal of the baby name.

Friday, October 27, 2006

How you doing?

Wendy Williams, princess of the air waves. Her new show The Wendy Williams Experience, on VH1, is growing attraction in all areas. This loud mouthed-sh*t talking lady is intimidating, but damn good at entertaining, winning "Radio Personality of the Year" from Billboard Magazine.

She seems to know everything about every celeb out there. Her fierce interviewing ways deem great television. Wendy Williams also known as "shock jock diva," "radio gossip guru," and "Queen of the Radio" is on air and t.v. On her recent show she discussed Beyonces drunken photos, and Janet Jacksons new body, Oprahs love life. Ok, maybe not every person want to hear about Janet blah blah blah, but honestly Williams knows how to make a crowd laugh, and push her interviees over the edge, adding to the interview withher sidekicks Charlamane muscial tones (boo's , the whah whah whahhhhss, and hisses.) She is charming in an odd way, and agressive in ways similar to Howard Stern, yet somehow a tad tasteful.

Williams interviews celebs, and takes callers and offers advice and is often heard saying "how you doing?" She is on the red carpets, at the hottest events, hitting the streets with celeb guests Wendy always has the juiciest stories. This show is relatively new, however seems promising. The Wendy Williams experience is really an experience you should try at least once. You need to listen for her her witty comments or just the boldness she has towards her callers and interviews. Simpily stated, good radio and good tv.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

SuperBowl Ads--for women????

Not every one watches the game for the football, shocking I know. I watch it, but like so many other lost souls out there watch it for the half time advertisements. The commercials create more buzz than often the game does. Last year had the top audience ratings. The superbowl alone drew in 90 million viewers. This year, a 30 second commercial clip will cost 2.5 millions dollars.

Last year many people loved the Desperate Housewives ads with Tony Hawk and Shaq talking about their favorite characters. Another favorite was the "Might as well face it your addicted to Lost," edited video showing clips from the show.

Aside from last years Dove commercial, promoting girls and self esteem, not many commercials are directed towards women. Why I wondered since women make up almost half of the superbowls viewers. People dont realize that women are there watching the game aside you guys on those special Sundays. They have so many ads for men, and now they have ads for older people. Last year there were ads for Alieve, this is showing the aging of America. I guess older people have a harder time getting up and leaving during commercials to get a beer or such so they stay put giving commericals a captive audience.

Again where are the commericals for women? Not commericals with women in them, not the Jessica Simpson Pizza Hut ad, which was voted one of the worst commericals during the game, but where are the midol commericals, or womens razors or any other items geared towards women?

Why not have more of these commericals, one they often have beautiful women acting in the commericals which will possibly captivate mens attention, but have an appeal for women as well as men. But we all know that it half naked men adorned a womens commercial that men would get angry, yet women sit there and grin through numerous sexist commericals where scantily clad women promote drinking Bud Light? Doesnt seem fair huh?

So maybe in the next few years more commercials will be aimed towards women.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Bad for business???

Terrell Owens is all the talk through out the NFL but is he really worth this publicity? Most of us watch football every Sunday and Monday watching our favorite teams and watching for Terrell's newest antics. Not only his touchdown antics, but the way he criticizes his own team.

Many tune onto ESPN to see what the game scores are, but wind up getting 20 minutes about the infamous Terrell Owens. Whas his drug overdose a sucide attempt, is he showing up for practice or is he just making fun of coaches and teammates once again, is he really worth the money the Cowboys are paying him?

He is tearing the team apart with his jealousy. He wants the ball every play, every pass and he will complain about his team whenever he doesnt get it. The only time this guy is happy is when he has 3 touchdowns under his belt for the day. Is this the way to play one of Americas favorite games? Is he ruining Sunday football?

He came late to practice late one time and its news worthy, while many players miss practice days with no coverage. What makes him so special?

Last year the Eagles benched him for his pain in the ass ways. There was huge friction between Donovin McNabb and Owens last year. This caused the Eagles to suffer as a team, while Terrell was laughing the entire time.

The Eagles cut him because his salary was not worth his rude remarks. Now the Dallas Cowboys coach, Bill Parcels, is already fed up with him. However, the owner of the team wants him on the Cowboys because he is bringing publicity to the team this year. Maybe not the best kind of publicity, it is Terell Owens we are taking about, but its publicity. The NFL now has someone to focus their attention on, to see what Terell does every day or game. He may be a great player, but his attitude and antics are causing a stir.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Book Review: No One Gets Out of Here Alive--The Biography of Jim Morrison

This book was written about the life of the infamous rock star Jim Morrison. Jim was born to a middle class family, whos father was in the navy. Jims younger years was filled of moving every half year or so. By the time Jim was in 8th grade, he and his siblings had attended 12 different schools. Jim, who was born James Douglas Morrison, was a wartime baby born in Melborne, Florida.

Jim went through a awkward youth, picking up comic books and reading as hobbies. Jim was often caught at school drawing pornographic pictures. Born into a strict family, he was the odd child. He was known for causing trouble.

He continued his love for reading well into his adulthood. He attened a junior college in Florida after his parents had forced him there. He lived in a small trailer filled with books. He was favored among many students and teachers. However, he had decided to up and move to California and attent USC. It is here where he met many other film students with odd personalities that soon became his close friends and muses. Jim like to get reactions out of people, an example he enter a film into the schools final film screening which had a naked dancer on top of a televison showing Hilter. This got bad remarks and shocked the students. Still Jim wasnt happy.

While living in a friends living room he continued at his poetry that he had started at a young age. Amazingly one day he had mentioned to his 3 friends that they should start a band, they agreed. Jim with little musical talent became the lead singer. Jim was an unusual voice that needed much work. The poems he wrote turned into some of The Doors, most popular songs. Eventually they began playing at the Whiskey A GO GO, and gaining fans. The rest is history. The band became extremely successful and people adored Jims sexiness and husky voice. If not obvious Jim's heavy exploration of drugs left him even more outrageous than normal. His drinking problems once was a simple slur became the reason The Doors were banned from several states and sued.

The book goes into deep complexity of Jims life. It gives great detail about his bothersome childhood and exciting lifestyle. The very essence of Jims character was revealed in this book. It was a great read that keep you wondering how much drugs and liquor a body can take. Jim's wild days as Americas once rock god had me glued to the pages. Authors Jerry Hopkins relives the tales of Jim Morrison like he was Jims shadow. The book is mesmorizing and even thoughtful near the end when speculations of Jim's fake death arises. The book gives amazing detail that leaves me even more in awe of this some what insane singer. I loved the ways the writer goes through the ups and downs of The Doors career. I appreciated the great writing that the book entailed. Jim Morrisons life has almost come to life through this book. Its captivating stories and precision made it one of my absolute favorites. Not only was I a big fan of the group itself, I now have a deeper appreciation of Jim, the singer, and as his life as a rock star.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

3 most important TV programs ever created

Television as we discussed in class is a extremely useful tool for our scoiety. When thinking back of all the TV programs created and to pick the three most important ones was a difficult task. Well to only pick three I mean.
I found many programs important but realized which ones were truly important to my society and myself.

I found National Geographic to be the first program I thought was important. This program which was created many years ago gives our society a view into the outside world. Through this program we can learn about other lands, countries, cultures, animals, temperatures and ways of life. Some may wonder why this is important. Well, I believe that if this program was not available we would truly be an ethnocentric society. This program gives us the opportutnity to see ourselves as part of a whole, part of a large planet..not just the center. This, from my standpoint is a very important lesson and program. The program was pretty unbiased and reports on facts and the pure beauty of our world. The fact that they show us parts of Antartica is amazing, this is a place that virtually no one visits yet we can experience it through the marvels of National Geographic .

Next I found simple old Sesame Street to be a highly important program. I picked this program because it changed television from adult programs to create a child based audience. Not only because it gave children the opportunity to have a program to watch, but because it is a program that teaches children. It allows them to watch TV while learning fundamental tools for future life. They learn basic skills that will better prepare them for their education. It also gives children to learn spanish as well as opens their eyes to different kinds of people. The show offers children to see people of african american decent, deaf people and big animals. This is another tool that will better our culture and society. The show offers kids a variety of learning aspects. From colors to letters, to songs that will engage their brain activity. Sesame Street enhances a childs young life. So naturally it is an important program that was created.

Lastly I found the National Weather Channel to be highly important in our daily lives. We at times base our days around the weather. If it says its going to rain we being a umbrella and so forth. The National Weather Channel also gives us forewarning to major disasters. It has saved many lives in areas where hurricans and tornados run wild. We travel safely because this channel gives us the needed information to remain safe. I feel without this we would be blind to natures wrath. The National Weather Channel gives us opportunities to live life more safely and with sunny days or forecast. Because of its natural importance I feel this program fulfills the third place in the top three television programs ever created.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Howard Stern...awful man....great radio

Howard a lewd, unattractive, improper image of a man. Even though he is discusting and appaling at times, I do have to admit he has changed the waves of radio.

Sadly Howard was the top radio host in many of the 46 cities he wes allowed to be aired in. He has a juvenile sense of his show, which usually involves naked girls and nasty acts.

Even with his clash with the FCC, he has remained as one of our nations top insulting radio personality. Now that Stern has switched to Sirius Satellite Radio.

While Stern has lost its viewers by switching to Sirius, some are starting to believe that he will boost the satellites, that Stern may be the turning point that Sirius needs. They feel that having one of radios largest personalities will validate them.

While Stern has his unique program, he uses many forms of communication. Stern says his words with confidence, leaving his listeners believing what he says. He has the gift of persuasion and influence. This is also another one of his methods for radio.While Stern focuses on gender at times, and loves he difference in the genders anatomy. Its funny how Howard uses clothing as communication. The more someone takes off the more vocal and offensive he often gets.

Stern is a unique person with a great deal of influence on our media and our radios. He has created radio programs as they are today. He has changed the way viewers listen to the radio as well as the way radio personalities are delivering them.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Electric Gypsy

A book review: Electric Gypsy * Jimi Hendrix
The book Electric Gypsy written by Harry Shapiro and Caesar Glebbeck

Johnny Allen Hendrix whose name would be changed to James Marshall Hendrix and later known world wide as Jimi Hendrix lived a hard life to some. His younger years were rough as his parents struggled for money. He was passed around like a rag doll when his mother could not take care of him.Well, as we as suspected he was first given a ukelele by deatbeat father which led him to pick up a guitar one day at a local music and intrument store and he couldnt put it down.

Jimi joined the group The Rocking Kings, which never made into musical fame. Next for Jimi, The Rocking Kings evolved into Thomas & The TomCats. Jimi eventually dropped out of high school without ever recieving a degree. After many run ins with the Police. primarily in Seattle, Jimi enlisted in the U.S. Army and set off to begin his basic training. Jimi was sent to parachutte training where after 27 successful jumps he breaks his ankle and get released from the Army. After years of playing with less than average bands, Jimi joins The Isley Brothers and tours with them as back up guitar. Soon after, Little Richard enlists Jimi to tour with him. After being fired by Little Richard, Jimi starts recording music with Sue Records.

After again playing for numerous bands that never hit stardom. Jimi joined up with Chandler Chas from The Animals and played in England for the first time (September 9th 1966). Soon a group called The Jimi Hendrix Experience formed with Jimi as the star. December of 1966 was the first TV appearance for Jimi.

The groups first American show was in Monterey, Ca in June of 1967. The group became a huge succes.

Jimi Hendrix became famous for his amazing guitar skills. Thought it took him years to make it onto the charts and radios we listen to, he never gave up. The book truly portrayed his talent and drive.

Jimi's favor for drugs drove him to a unique side of music which everyone soon titles as genius. However, his dip into LSD, X, and marijuanna made him a nervous musican almost leading to his fall out of music. In honor of his passion of a variety of drug, one can often hear his narcotics reference in his songs like Purple Haze and A Merman I should Turn to Be and Moon, Turn The Tides. Arrested many times for numerous reasons, he lead on ending up playing in many huge and high profile spots.

Jimi is known for his creative guitar work (aka; playing with his teeth, playing a right handed guitar with his left so its looks like the guitar is upside down) jumping to his knees and for his awkwardly soothing vocals.

While Hendrix is known most for his remake of "All Along The Watchtower" originally created by Bob Dylan, he was musically gifted in terms of writing his own music. While he favored different genres of women, Jimi was known for mixed meida style. He played, sang and entertained a variety of music. As he rose to fame, Jimi's personal like took anose dive leaving him in drug induced comatosed state, unable to write new music and unevitably play his guitar at times. Some people called Jimi's music "sloppy." While other called him a musical magician. He earned over 1.3 million dollars in one year doiong tours in the U.S. alone.

This eventually le to his death, however before this he lived to the release of over 34 albums, the memorable somgs life "Foxy Lady," "The Wind Cries Mary," "Hey Joe," and "Voodoo Chile." Jimi's last on stage gig was memorable as he "jammed" with Eric Burdon and War. Jimi died on September 18th, 1970 due to inhalation of vomit due to barbiturate intoxication." He is still remembered today as one of America's greatest guitarists.

Even a no-one can become a someone

The very essence of a radio station is to broadcast the life of a city, a music the people want to hear, the voice that people acknowledge. Now when a pretentious voice for a town creates a genius illustration of ordinary people she winds up at the local jail. It is here where she finds the next world wonder.

Lonesome Roads as she immediately nicknames him, cracks jokes and riddles even at the mere idea of talking to Marcia in honor of her radio program. She loosens him up and tapes him singing of being a “free man in the morning.” The audience takes to him and yearns for more. This simple and reasonably awkward situation; where a woman is let into the jail cell full of drunken men in hopes of hearing some stories actually brings light to the movie as it introduces the soon to be main attraction.

As expected the man who woos the audience with his song is picked up the next morning and brought in to the station to continue his singing and words of wisdom. This scene is a classic image of how women are fighting against male dominance. Lonesome Roads decides to talk to the women of the town on his first radio show, stating how he realizes how hard they work and urging them to write to him. This actually if you think about it would still work today. If a man sided with women, and appreciated the work they did, women today would respond as they did in the movie.

The movie continues on with Lonesome being asked to appear on T.V. This also is a classic jump to stardom in which we see happen often with starlets today. For example Hilary Duff, playing Lizzie Maguire, now has a singing career along with a list of movies and endorsements she has appeared in. This was Lonesome Roads path to fame and fortune, and the audience could predict the future of this movie.
When Lonesome hits the television sets, his loud laugh and rambunctious personality makes the country fall in love with him. Like today our country is completely infatuated with its celebrities. He grows in fame and realizes his star power.

As Lonesome Roads, played by Andy Griffith, becomes an American idol. He has a mountain named after him, a boat with his name, and numerous magazine covers. Like today we smear our celebrities pictures and name over everything we read and touch, so back in 1967, they understood the power of a celebrity.

The movie continues to where Lonesome Roads judges a baton twirling contest and ends up marrying Betty Lou Fleckman, after he was to become engaged to Marcia. Of course this creates the controversy that almost every great American movie possesses. You could feel the tension mounting. As time goes on, Lonesome roads takes his fans for granted as well as his former intentions of pleasing the country with his songs and stories. He succumbs to his fame, and winds up drowning in his own power. He realizes how America eats up every single thing he says and does. He gets them to buy pills, vote for congress men.

Eventually Lonesome loses his nerves and “fires” his wife Betty Lou,which only shows the strange power of a star,this is just the beginning of the end for him. The movie hints at Lonesome becoming crazy as every good movie shows foretaste of what is to come.

The movie has a great ending in which Marcia keeps the sound going after one of Lonesome’s show in which he is degrading the people of America calling them slobs and unforgiving names. In a mere matter of seconds Lonesome becomes hated as he once became loved. Marcia admits to her betrayal and leaves Lonesome desperate for anyone’s love and attention, the classic tale of deception.

This great movie had the beginning interest, of finding Lonesome in jail and hearing his songs. His personality attracted and drew in the country’s heart.
The rise of character in the middle was well done with Lonesome becoming the ultimate idol for America.

Of course, the climaxing ending in which we see the rise and fall of a former drunk. The movie has great initial value detailing the strength and potential everyone has within.

Even a no-one can become a someone. While it was somewhat predicting, the movie was a great film for its time. Its underlying theme...shows how people will follow a star. The public will watch their shows, listen to their radio programs, and even vote for the congressman they support. Television has become the most powerful tool for our society. We will do as people tell us too.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Is Rosie ruining The View?

New co-host on The View is starting to already cause a stir. The View, brings Rosie to join its table talk. Rosie, a previous six time daytime Emmy award winner has already poked fun at the fact that the shows inability to win an Emmy award.

O'Donnell joined The View in septermber after Meridith Vierira. The show was thrilled to have her.. Rosie seems to not be talking her new job quite so seriously. She has been caught joking about the shows credibility, and overheard saying that "it was either The View or Celebrity Fit Club."

While everyone remembers Rosie as the funny large lady who had her own show. She decided to stop her own show to spend more time with her partner and family. Now she is back and funnier than ever? While she will bring some new laughs to the show, some worry that she will be overbearing against the other co-hosts. Her strong personality will challenge the other ladies Joy Behar, Barbara Walters and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
Some think it will be a fight, since many of the ladies will want to talk at the same time.

However, recently she has been blogging about The View. She has been complaining that she feels powerless at the show. Barbara Walters is now unhappy that Rosie is posting blogs. She does not want people to think that the show is about people being unhappy or fighting. Will Rosie keep the view on its toes? Of course. However, the world is waiting for her stong opinions and funny antics to shine through.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The new craze...podcasting! The Spartan Daily recently printed an acticle about staff members learning the benefits of podcasting. For those who don't know about is your first introduction.

Podcasts are class lectures, pictures and notes on your Ipod! The trend started in 2004 and has grown imensely. Itunes already has over 400 podclass lectures from k-12.

The great thing about podcasts is the flexibilty to use or watch it anywhere. You could review notes while on the light-rail, study for a test in the library, listen to class lectures again on the treadmill. This would potentially enable give students the abilty to succeed in your tough classes. Podcasting could help students who were sick for a day, or doing online classes. Or will college become attending class on your couch with your Ipod tuned onto a class lecture?

Not only is classrooms picking up on the usefulness of podcasting, but C-SPAN will also be posting some of the most popular programs.

The podcast craze has been gaining long until it is implemented in our everyday use at San Jose State University ?? Podcasting has been tested at some colleges nation wide. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has found it as a useful learning tool for its students. They have done a study and listed the 5 tools and tips you need to use and post with podcasting. (what is is, teaching and learning tools, additional resources, examples of podcasts and how to deliver and create podcasts.)

As a student, do you feel you would benefit from this new creation? Would you find it more tempting to use the Ipod instead? Do you feel a fifteen minute review would be beneficial to you prior to a test? Do you think teachers will want to post useful podcasts? Will the Ipod just be a distraction in class or elsewhere?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Spartan Daily News

Our Spartan Daily newspaper....articles created and written my our fellow classmates. Its not as sosphicated as The Mercury News... or The Wall Street Journal..., but its well written and the stories are related to us as students and as San Jose residents.

Other newspapers do offer more articles online than the print version, which is understandable with their resources and budget.I choose the Spartan Daily becuase it is a newspaper I read faithfully and enjoy the articles pertaining to our school.

Our online paper is very similar to the print version found on campus. However, we have adopted some of the local newspapers website offerings. We offer daily temps., beautiful color pictures and job services. One aspect that I found very wonderful was the book, jobs, housing, movies, and scholarship tabs. This section was very appealing to students and also very helpful. The links were to the books people have read and critiqued, movies around the area, and something very useful to students scholarship links and information, along with the information aimed at SJSU students.

Now the paper version of the Spartan Daily is a great read for students at our school. It offers great and current news.

The Mondays paper showed news pertaining to us here at SJSU. It gave articles on podcasting, the newest fad in lectures, as well as the scores off the sports teams. It has the opinion page, which in comparison to other paper hold the voices and opinions from my peers.

The advertisements are the one thing that seem to differ for me. I see the ones in the paper because the often take up half a page. while the ones online are off to the sides and not in the way of reading an article.

The benefit of reading our school newspaper online is access to read the article in its entirety rather than being seperated on different pages. Another is the coupons a student may find to local eatries. I have yet to find them on the website, and then again if they are there you would have to print it out and such. I am happy to rip out my TOGO's coupon and have the number to Wings chinese cuisine handy for after class. Lastly, as MCOMM students involved in blogging this semester, the online version of our school newspaper offers a blog. It is a tool obviously unavailable in paper version. This is a great way to get students conversing about school issues.

I have enjoyed the Spartan Daily's crossword puzzle for all my years at SJSU, while there is none to be found on the website.

Both online and paper version of our Spartan Daily offer great news written by our students. There are few differences between the two. I usually go for the paper form, however with the tools offered on our paper's website, I can be sure I will be visiting more often.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kentucky Free Chicken?

Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton fight in the media everyday. "She showed my porn video"......"she stopped eating".....blah blah blah.

How often do you see organizations go after each other? Thats right, I am talkin' about good oldKentucky Fried chicken where you a can geta bucket of chicken for 16.99$$ vs. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

PETA has millions of supporters, including Pamela Anderson. Well having the large breased baywatch babe on your side doesnt always do wonders.....and I suppose KFC has millions of supporters as well. However, these two companies are in the ring and duking it out.

PETA is ruffleing KFC feathers...almost literally. PETA is fighting for a change in the way KFC slughterhouses are killing their chickens. It has been video taped that some slaughterhouses are using extremely inhumane ways to kill chickens, such as throwing them against walls in hopes they break their necks, as well as dipping them in boiling hot water while fully conscious. Theses cruel methods are the reason PETA is causing a stir.

PETA gimicks are not only aimed at KFC but to celebrities who wear fur. PETA is known for throwing red paint (to imiate blood) on the coats of those wearing fur. Other outrageous antics that PETA does to draw attention to its great cause it getting Pam Anderson to dress up in a lettuce bikini.

But enough of the gimicks...and back to the chicken fight. KFC is refusing to tame its horendous ways of killing chickens claiming that it is cheaper and people will still enjoy the chicken regardless. PETA disagees.

The fight will continue, and PETA is contining its stike against KFC food.

How will these organization far out in the end? No one can tell yet, but its obvious that the public fight is not over. Does the public fight bring more heart wrenching followers to take sides? What about the animal loving KFC craving citizen? Will heart conquer hunger??????

Monday, September 18, 2006

Propaganda is Satans favorite friend

Like violence, gangs and sex.....propaganda is everywhere. Its pure manipulation, its pure persuasion, and its probably pure genius. It is on every commercial in between our tv obsession. Our lives are full of this influencial media, and lets be honest they are making millions on us.

Lately though, all I seem to see is beer commercials .
Yes, I love beer....its true. Heiniken Light to be exact.

But the commerical that comes to mind is for Milkwaukees Best beer. If you dont watch tv, this commercial promotes the masculinity that eludes drinking beer. The guy in the commercial sees a smaller dog and bends down and says "oh what a cute dog you are" in a very feminine voice. Of course a huge milwaukees best beer come crashing down on him. The beer pins him to the ground as if punishment for even speaker in a fashion that is not masculine. This of course being that he needs to act like a man.

Their audience is mainly men, for they are telling their drinkers to act like men and drink their beer.
Their quote..."Men should act like men."

This form of propaganda is obviously a specific message aimed at men, urging them to drink "the manly beer"is the beer for men...or so it says. The propaganda throuhghout these commercials....yes, there is more than one...leads to the notion of persuasion. Is this type of advertisement working? Well, their beer sales have increased in this past year. I am sure they will continue to campaign their beer for men as well as keep the masculinity and humor alive in their commercials.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Facebook vs. MySpace

Everyone has it....and if you don't...your one of the very few. The Myspace population is mainly for high school students and college kids. MySpace is the place you go to chat, see you friends pictures and get reminders of your buddies birthdays.

While Facebook is the more elegant and less chaotic version. Some say it lacks personality.

MySpace gives many options to its users. Options like picking a colorful backround, link a song to play when people come to look, fonts, Top 8 friend list and such. The downside of Myspace, is the limit of pictures, and the problems some children are having with older creepy men stalking them. Myspace is available to anyone who signs up.

Facebook offers multiple photo albums for you to post, it displays the friends you have, and can see them more easily. Facebook is for college students and those with company email addresses. Facebook allows you to join groups, which MySpace does not have that option.

Both are a great way to stay in touch with those who live far away. It is a great way to stay connected with friends at other colleges.

So which one is better???? Everyone will have their opinion. Both offer teenagers and college students stay connected and talk to one another. It is a great way for students to mingle and network. Which one do you prefer????

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Books, like Paris Hilton, will never go out of STYLE

I think people cherish real paper or hard back books to much to want a change. That doesnt mean that technology will attempt to create the new wave of book reading.

I can imaging that book will come in small CD form that you can put into what maybe would look like a childs gameboy. So that you put in the cd, and you can read from a small screen roughly the size of a small book.

Like discusses in class, the best part of reading a book is the availability to read it bed, in the park, and on the bus. The ability for books to travle easily is a luxury. This may seem to be the next step while creating of selling a newer form of books on electronic viewers.

What would happen to all the books we have now? Would they remain a fashion? We all know that when someone has a large collection of books and they are in a book shelf in the living comments "wow you have a lot of books." Books may become just a fashion statement.

What will happen in classrooms? How can we bring our texts to class if they are not in book form? How will students highlight the info, write in the margins, and carry it easily? Would electronic books create even more disturbance in class?

I hope books will stay as paper books. The very essence of a book is its availablilty. You can read it in bed, on a bus, in the park. You can bring it anywhere, thats the best part about it. A book is a book, not a gameboy type toy that will spit out the words resembling a book. It is the cover of a book that sometimes capitvates us to buy it.
Without books, there would be no fun in enjoying the text.

If I ever decide to have children and they decide to have children...then it would be an honor to pass down the begining of my book collection. To pass down the books that influenced me and my peers, and the books, like King and Poe, will never go out of style just like Paris Hilton.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Its a free world after all.....

Its a free world after all.........

If I were a senior executive at a major record company I would in some sense I would give the music away for free. Companies now are in the process of this movement.

Well, here is the deal. I would have a contract with a major downloading website such as SpiralFrog. The website would purchase the songs and have the legal rights to distribute the companies music for a price from our company. This would create revenue for the company and the muscians.

The websites would make their money by advertisments posted on their site. If this were the website that thousands of kids would see everyday, advertisers would pay high to get their product placed on the site. This creates the revenue needed for the website.

The kids would download for free, but still be encouraged to buy the group or artists cd. They would also be offered sites to purchase their groups or artists posters, shirts, concert tickets, and other merchandise that would benefit the muscians and company. Group websites would be available on the downlaoding main page as well as possible artist interviews.

This idea would still allow each group to recieve their paychecks, while the kids would enjoy the music. It may seem like a losing situation for the muscians, however, if tons of kids are downloading their music it would
show band support and interest. They would still be encouraged to create new music for their fans, for tours, and other merchandise that kids are interested in.

Another idea that is geared towards making money as well as promoting the band under the company would be do something that no other company offers. If I owned a music company I would realize how many kids today are listening to their Ipods, and see that the use of Ipods is huge and that is a market that is still growing. Either making Ipod cases that have band names and logos on it would create another source interest in kids, the other create a deal with Apple, to make Ipods that have the decal of a specific band or their logo emblazed on the Ipod itself. The kids could order the Ipod form the Apple store or company websites and after they pay, their Ipod would be delivered to them with special decor that was in honor of their favorite band.

These idea posted today are to keep money in the pockets of the muscian, the music company, and potenial websites while advertisers are doing their thing as well. Each seperate group in this situation would get paid and the music would be enjoyed.

Linking on a post????

Anyone know how to site a link in your post....and willing to explain it?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Scientology and the Cruise family

She was not disfigured, she was normal. A normal baby...from Tom Cruise? Jahah some may say...his crazy antics may deem him unable to raise a normal human life. Well, scientology seems to think he is their god. They love him in that cult they have. Does it effect his life? Yes.....note that he just got fired. Does it seem to effect Katie Holmes life? Yes....they will not marry until she has finished her scientology classes. Has it effected baby Suri's life? Yes...she has been kept in hiding away from all germs since she is not allowed normal child shots and vaccines.

Baby Suri was the most sought after photos by journalists these past few months. Only one photo was seen in magazines and web sites was blury and didnt show the babies true features. has scientolgy effected Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes life, and our society? Well first off, this religion was created by L.Ron Hubbard. Its theory is that you do not have beliefs or faith. What is true for is what is observed to be true. Anyone get it? They say you can achieve true spiritual release and freedom. I do not see the freedom in this religion, by having to attend classes and follow stricts rules. Hell, having a silent birth because screams and loud noises might scare the baby.....a little odd but lets keep digging.

The word scientology is dervied from the latin words "the study of truth." It also means you belive in a mortal spiritua life. Tom Cruise by the religion he lives belives his capabilities are endless. His capabilities unlimited and he cant even understand his true capability potenial. He is able to not only solve his own problems, accomplish his goals and gain lasting happiness, but also achieve new, higher states of awareness and ability.
Well many people might be glad for him and his everlasting state of awareness, I feel his outbursts of scientology declarations are pushing the envelope of society and common politeness. His attack on anti-depressants, which help many people, was his religious beliefs poking through.

While baby Suri was a huge interest, what about how Tom will raise his child. Will she be forced to follow this secluded faith. A faith that has gotten her father fired and disliked by many? Will she have a choice...will Katie ever stand up to Tom? The world will have to wait and keep watching.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Southeast Asia Art Contest

Southeast Asia Art CompetitionSoutheast Asia media art Compeition 2006 asking for contestants for all over the world. The title of the years contest "Interaction in Cultural Diversity," hopes to bring art and people together. The Committee for Culture and Information of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN-COCI) is launching a media art contest for cultural cooperation and exchange among member countries.National judging board from all nations will be judging the art entries. The judges will pick the three best entries from each nation to be selected to enter an exibition in Indonesia later this year.

The idea of the art competition is for the artiststo search and explore new ideas and models of media presentation. The judges are hoping to see moving images, like animation and movie style entries. They will also be looking for web based and interactive presentations. People looking to enter can submit a maximium of two entries in each different category.

The contest is a great way for artists to bring to life their ideas and talents in media. The art competition is involving new forms of media and hopes to incoporate the styles of media and art entered in the contest in future art expo's.The wave of new forms of media encourages artists to expand their talents and try to use visual moving forms of media as their muse.

This is a greast option for students or other artists involved in web use and media art. The media art contest opens the world to new ideas and ways to see different styles of art. It would be exciting to see what kind of entries are submitted and also to see what the judges choose as the winners to be shown at the art exhibition.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What do we watch throughout the Days of our Lives?

A question brought up in class, and a survey given out asking what kind of media consumer are you?

While I enjoyed filling it out, I was suprised actually what kind of consumer I was.

While I love certain shows like Project Runway, CSI, Days of our Lives and sometimes National Geographic, I didnt realize how much time I spent watching t.v. waiting for these shows to come on.

I also am a huge movie buff. But Blockbuster that is. I rent move movies than I go see them. However, Beerfest was a hilarious movie I saw this past week. (If you liked the Super Troopers, almost all of them are in this...or if you like beer....a solid funny movie.)

I used to read quite often before I went to bed. Books about the lives of Frank Sinatra, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix and Marilyn Monroe.

I read the Spartan Daily faithfully, mostly for the crossword puzzle, but often find that articles uninteresting. I tend to only enjoy reading one article or so per paper.

Within other areas of media, I listen to cd's in my car....but honeslty rarely other than that (aside from whats playing at the bar that weekend.)

I do waste my money on magazines like cosmopolitan, and trash like InTouch, Life and Style, and Us Weekly.
Though I dont pour over the articles unless they strike me as entertaining celebrity news. Sad..I know.

When reading magazines or watching television, I notice the advertisements, yet find them annoying. I realize they are a huge part of our culture and media...being advertisement puts out yet recieves large ammount of cash. Just recently in another class we were talking about Sex and the City . Every show, the shoes that "Carry" wears, sell out the next couple of days by consumers who watch the show. Its amazing how advertisement oriented our society has become.

I realize that I could be what you call addicted to television. However, it is when I am watching my favorite shows is when I am most relaxed. I plan to TRY to cut back on the useless hours I watch t.v. and send more time reading more books, or finding other interests. I will plan to browse around Barnes and Nobles to find books I normally wouldnt pick up. I would love to expand my book preferences. I think I will continue to watch "my shows" but will do something during the time I do not have a show on. It really is amazing how our lives often revolve around sorts of media. What would the world be like if we had never created t.v? I cant even imagine.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The New HPV Vaccine...Cure of the Future?

A new vaccine on the market claiming it can prevent HPV. HPV is a very common sexually transmitted virus. Most people pick up HPV at some point in their lives. The virus doesn't usually cause any symptoms and in most people, it often clears up on its own. There have been cases where HPV lingers in the body causing serious cases of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer claims the lives of 270,000 women every year. Human papilloma virus (HPV) is almost always the cause of cervical cancer. So a new vaccine can help prevent thousands of women every year from obtaining a serious form of cancer and death.

The 3 series shot will help prevent cervical cencer with antibodies within its vaccine. The vaccine lasts 4 years.

The new idea with this vaccine is to impliment it with teenage girls physicals when entering high school. This would help prevent many sexually active teenagers from simply getting HPV.

This vaccine is a milestone in the world of medicine. However, religious based organizations are claiming that if young girls were given these shots it

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Are Hollywood's actresses giving the O.K. to anorexia?

Are Hollywood's actresses giving the O.K. to anorexia?

Hollywood has been shrinking. Todays starletts are becoming ever so thin. The waif thin gals seem to be in competition with one another to see whom can weigh less. A dangerous game? These women have been gracing our movie screens, our television sets, and our magazines for years and recently they are physically disappearing.
Actresses including Nicole Richie, Kate Bossworth, Lindsey Lohan are losing weight at rapid speed and shocking the world and their fans with an eyesore or skin and only bones.

America's young girls are being exposed to celebrities with weight issues. This subject is always a touchy one. Weight is often a woman's most feared body issue. So when our favorite actresses are sickly, it sends a message or thoughts to fans that thin is in. Can it send a girl struggling with weight issues to limit her caloric intake just so she seek to look like her favorite icon.

Recent magazines show Nicole Richie at her lowest weight yet this year. When doctors estimate her weight at roughly 90 pounds, it makes every girl feel heavy or overweight. Though many see her struggle with this eating disorder, young girls may see it as "I want to look like that" or "I am not thin enough...I am too heavy."

Is the spotlight from stardom feeding these celebrities to barely exist? I feel the competitive edge in the star circle can keep an actresses weight at bay. Maybe its for a role, or maybe its to fight the media of looking average. Well this issue can be passed down onto viewers and fans.

Actress Mary-Kate Olsen suffered from anorexia. The media sought after her like sharks at feeding time. A illness of this sorts should never be highlighted. She was publicly criticized, however, she eventually broke the cycle and confronted her demon. She recieved treatment and came back to normal life and size. She spoke out about her stuggles to help young girls and her fans realize the dangers of anorexia.

Will the other actresses follow down her path? Will it get so bad they need extreme treatment? Will it lead little girls who love these celebrities to take the plunge into the world of eating disorders? One can only hope that these women realize that curves and being healthy is the optimal goal, and slowly bring back the image of a normal woman into persepective. It may take some work to stop the cycle of vicious eating disorders and critical body image, but for the sake of our peers and future needs to be done.